All you need to know about Chartered Surveyors

The real estate industry has always been a major source of employment and career opportunities. It is a field that is laden with challenges that put a multitude of skills to test making it one of the most lucrative and progressive industries in any economy. The real estate industry over the last few years has…read more

5 Stages of Reinventing Your Small Business

When you have spent years, thousands of pounds, and invested blood sweat and tears into your small business, it can be difficult to acknowledge when you need to make a change, and what’s more, the process of going through with it is a tricky one. It requires motivation, perseverance and the drive to pick yourself…read more

Importance of Cash Flow Management for Small Businesses

When you kick start a business from the ground up, there are numerous factors that you have to incorporate and adjust and at the end of it, make it all work in perfect synchronisation. But, this does not happen overnight and it’s all about how badly you want to make it working In order to…read more

Legitimate Ways to Reduce Your Tax Bill

The alliance of the Government authorities say that they are committed to fix the loose ends that permit the super-rich to avoid paying their taxes. The argument making rounds is that “tax avoidance” is morally incorrect. But while some of us are wealthy enough to give good reason for moving assets to an offshore tax…read more

Tips to Increase Productivity in Your Workplace

The UK has a low work productivity level compared to other advanced economies in the world and yet everyone feels they’re busy and working hard. Productivity at work is affected by multiple factors, but one solution could lie in a number of smaller things that you, your team or organisation can all do together. If…read more

Things to Consider While Renovating

You’ve been walking into the same house day after day. You’ve been thinking of redoing your house for a long time but excuses have always found their way through. ‘I find civil work to be scary’, ‘I get over whelmed thinking of the inconvenience I may have to face’, ‘It is not the right time’…read more

When Should You Apply For A Small Business Loan

If you are considering a small business loan, then you might have a multitude of thoughts running in your head not to mention getting all kinds of opinion of whether that is good for you. Everyone you ask will have an opinion of whether taking out a small business will be good for you or…read more

Things to consider when moving into a new home.

Some people view their homes as a status symbol, to them it is an indication of success that they have achieved in life. This is one that they can proudly display, not only to their friends and family but to the people who walk and drive by their house. Of course part of that sense…read more

The Importance of Life Insurance

Insurance can be taken out for many things, including personal assets and businesses. Some insurance, such as motor insurance is compulsory, but other policies are arranged through personal choice. Life insurance is often dismissed until an individual goes through a major life change, but by planning for inevitable life events, you can be certain that…read more

Benefits of Hiring a handy man

Small repairs in your home can actually take up a lot of time, almost as much as a big home renovation project. Working families may not have the time to attempt these time consuming home repairs. It is really people like this who will benefit from hiring the services of a skilled handyman. What is…read more

Obtaining a Buy To Let Mortgage

Anyone looking to buy a home for the purposes of renting out to tenants will need a buy to let mortgage. Many people view investing in property as a secure way to store capital, as it gives a buyer the flexibility to either sell or rent out their home in order to make the most…read more

Advice for First Time Home Buyers

Before deciding on your ideal first home, or even taking a look at properties, you will need to save a deposit. Many first time buyers make the mistake of looking at homes first, then falling for something way out of their budget and then trying to stretch their finances to cover something way beyond their…read more

The benefits of re-mortgaging

The benefits of re-mortgaging are different for every loan. The reasoning for the difference in benefits is due to the mortgage provider themselves, the age of the original mortgage, the interest rate and the amount of equity available. When you re-mortgage you pay off one mortgage by using the proceeds of another, you also use…read more

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