Things to Consider While Renovating

You’ve been walking into the same house day after day. You’ve been thinking of redoing your house for a long time but excuses have always found their way through. ‘I find civil work to be scary’, ‘I get over whelmed thinking of the inconvenience I may have to face’, ‘It is not the right time’ or the classic ‘I will save some more money and go for the bigger upgrade’. But if you’ve finally risen over your fears and taken a firm decision this time to change the look of your home then this article will take you through the intricacies of home renovation.


  • Decide your Budget

If you are the type of person who places quality over quantity and find ‘no work’ to be better than ‘mediocre work’ then overstretching your budget may be one of your hidden tendencies. You insist on a particular type of renovation and nothing else can truly satisfy you. But while renovating your house this can be a problem sometimes. A few additions here and there and you magically discover yourself extending way beyond your budget. It’s advisable to speak to someone who has undertaken a similar renovation project and get multiple quotations from various contractors before finally selecting one. It’s a good idea to have at least a certain percentage of your budget kept aside in case the cost exceeds your estimates. One must be in constant touch with their contractor to ensure that they’re on track. At no cost, should you consider borrowing money for renovation as it may not be as satisfying as renovating within your collected funds.


  • Find the Professionals

Unless you are completely confident of having the required skills to redo your house, going down the do-it-yourself path can leave you with a botched-up job. Your dream project should always be handled by skilled professionals who have a finesse to their work. And if you have found the right team, do not go easy on them. Ask their previous clients how satisfied they were with the work. If their previous clients were unhappy then chances are high that they are not as skilled as they may claim to be. You should avoid handing over the task to someone who has undertaken many projects simultaneously as it can be a reason for unnecessary delay. Bind the contractor to an agreement over the amount of time required to complete the project and how much it will cost.


  • Being Realistic

An over ambitious project can leave you with a hole in your pocket so it is important to have a realistic plan in place. Prepare a plan which can be easily executed based on your budget, the available resources and your existing home. It is easy to get tempted these days by the low interest rates of personal loans to get that perfect gourmet kitchen or marble bathroom. But if you’re determined to get only quality work done, then it is a good idea to renovate your house in stages. For example, if you want only  stone flooring in your kitchen but your budget wouldn’t allow you to have it at this point then you can set it aside for the moment and get it done later.


  • Research is Always Important

Conduct a thorough research before you begin your renovation. The experience of friends and experts who have renovated their house in recently can prove to be invaluable. They can guide you well on how much a certain aspect of your renovation can cost  and which renovations can assure you of a better resale value. For example, if you live in the countryside then having a nicely built fireplace can be an attractive bait for potential buyers. Take clippings from magazines which have pictures of well furnished rooms as they can help you to gather ideas on how you should redecorate.


  • Pay attention to details

Thinking of the big picture is commendable but the smaller details is what ultimately decides what the larger picture looks like. If you are redoing the floors, then it is important to have an even floor as an uneven flooring can have a negative impact when putting up your house for resale. Laying down a layer of liquid flooring can solve this problem and also provide an option to install underfloor heating systems which are extremely beneficial in winter seasons. Compromising on the quality of concrete can prove to be expensive as tiles often lose contact with the walls if they are not glued to the wall properly. However, be cautious not to surrender to your vanity and holding up your renovation.


  • Finding the right advice

So, you have spoken to the experts and prepared a feasible plan but it’s always good to have it approved by friends and family members who have been in similar situations. They present a different point of view and provide you with some valuable inputs that can, in some cases also help you to save a lot of money. They remind you of what is important according to your likes and dislikes and help you to prepare a plan accordingly. For instance, a contractor may try to influence you to build a more lavish bathroom but if you’re the kind of person who finds the kitchen more important than the bathroom then you should not be influenced and invest accordingly.


  • Do not regret

There should be no room for regret once something has been paid for and installed. So be certain of your choices before your contractor begins to implement them. The next time you visit the tile store you may find yourself attracted to another design but you should not regret your choice.


  • Thinking ahead of time

Trends are applicable to accessories and not to renovation. A high-quality job will remain in fashion even years later as it will have a classic touch to it. So, while renovating you should not be a slave to fashion but imagine what it will look like years from now.


  • Being in constant touch

Contractors often insist their clients to rest at home and not worry about the renovation. But it’s advisable that you do exactly the opposite of it. Make sure you visit the house regularly as negligence often gives contractors the opportunity to cut corners. Mistakes are an inevitable part of renovation but your presence will keep the mistakes in check and ensure that they are corrected before it becomes too late.


  • Beware of the law

In many societies, there are councils having regulations which should be adhered to while reconstruction. If you are thinking about modifying certain structures of your house, then you should get well acquainted with the regulations.

Renovation may seem to be a daunting task to undertake at first but as you see your space getting gradually transformed by your designs through great craftsmanship you will realise that there are very few things as visually rewarding as a renovation.

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